$$ in the wp-config.php may break Shopp images on website


When a set of $$ appear in the wp-config.php authentication unique keys and salts, this will break images on the site.


Images may not appear. On inspecting the image url, you may also see a fatal error message as described below.

Error Message(s)

Fatal error: Unsafe variable detected while interpreting a macro definition in /samplesite/wp-content/plugins/shopp/core/functions.php on line 1286


Shopp Version: 1.1.x / 1.2.x
WordPress Version: 3.0
PHP version: 5
Web Browser: IE7/IE8/FF3/Safari5/Opera10
Web Server: Apache/IIS/Lighttpd/Nginx
Server OS: Linux/Windows

Known Causes

$$ appearing in the authentication unique keys and salts within the wp-config.php file.


Generate new salt values:


Verify that a set of $$ do not appear in new values.

See Also

$$ in the wp-config.php may break Shopp images on website
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