Incorrect Date/Time on Order Emails


Order emails are generated with the incorrect time and/or date.

Known Causes

Assuming that PHP has been properly configured (through the php.ini file) and that the MySQL system time zone variable is correct then it is worth looking at the WordPress settings.


  • Go to General Settings and ensure that the correct timezone has been set.
  • Important! It must not be a manual offset such as “UTC -8”. Choose a PHP supported zone instead, such as “Arctic/Longyearbyen” or “America/Denver”.

See Also

Incorrect Date/Time on Order Emails
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  1. Our server is godaddy and their time zone is America/Phoenix (for php and Mysql) and we are in Los angeles. wordprees has been set on Los Angeles time.
    I don’t know how we can fix this problem.

    March 4th   #

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