Issues with WordPress MU Domain Mapping Plugin


This will explain how to overcome general incompatibility issues with the WordPress MU Domain Mapping Plugin.


This plugin uses a 302 redirect which can cause issues with the Shopp plugin functionality; most notably in the checkout.

The function redirect_to_mapped_domain() in the Domain Mapping Plugin causes a 302 redirect from the Shopp generated request url of (example):

where the request should be handled to

Common issues would be receiving ?’s while attempting to calculate/recalculate costs.


  • Go to Super Admin -> Domain Mapping ->
  • Uncheck “Remote Login”
  • Uncheck “Redirect administration pages to blog’s original domain”
  • Save

Credit: The customer we worked with on this for their patience. Lorenzo Caum for being on the front lines, and John Dillick for helping me think straight and being the brains of this endeavor.

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Issues with WordPress MU Domain Mapping Plugin
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