Items Disappear Updating Cart


This issue is caused by any plugin loaded before Shopp that invokes the session_start() function.


This is because Shopp uses it’s own session handlers to manage the shopping cart session and those handlers must be set before session_start() is called. If the handlers are not set before starting the session, the cart will not function.


Try either disabling all plugins to ensure this is indeed the case, or try disabling plugins one at a time until the issue stops occurring. This will allow you to pick out which one is, for sure, causing the issue.

A good note is to also remember that certain more “complex” themes, that also function like plugins may have behaviors that make the same types of calls. Reverting the theme to a default, unmodified, twentyten/twentyeleven theme may be necessary if the behavior continues.

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Items Disappear Updating Cart
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  1. Hi Folks, I had this problem, clicking add to cart did add the product to the cart but it did not update the page or the shopp cart widget to show the new item in the cart, the page had to be refreshed manually.

    The culprit was the plugin “Google XML Sitemaps” if it was active the cart would not update automatically. Deactivating the plugin worked. Now when we need to update our site map we activate the plugin, update the site map, then deactivate the plugin until the next site map update.

    I hope this helps, particularly for the newbies, as I am.

    March 21st   #

  2. A variation of this can also occur when a caching plugin is in use.

    For example, you may have trouble updating item quantities or removing an item from the cart.

    Possible fix: Add shopp pages to “no-cache rules” or equivalent.

    June 7th   #

  3. the latest version of JetPack does this and breaks Shopp.

    November 14th   #

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