No Base of Operations or Target Markets


Both the Base of Operations and Target Markets settings are empty and not populated with the list of supported Shopp countries.

Known Causes

This is caused when the Shopp plugin files are saved to the web server with an incorrect file encoding. Shopp’s files are distributed with UTF-8 encoding. The UTF-8 makes them universally compatible across different systems that may multi-byte character sets.

In this particular case, the encoding of the Shopp files are often changed during upload to the server by the FTP client. Some clients will attempt to upload some of the files containing code in ASCII mode instead of binary-mode. This typically causes the FTP client to automatically re-encode the files in the local machine’s preferred format.


Attempt to change your FTP client to transfer all files in binary mode to preserve the file encodings. To specifically fix this issue, you will need to set your FTP client to transfer in binary mode and re-upload the shopp/core/init.php file, replacing the existing, corrupted version on the web server. Once this is complete, deactivate and reactivate Shopp to re-install the country tables.

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No Base of Operations or Target Markets
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