Order Could Not Be Created Because of a Technical Problem on the Server


The customer cannot complete checkout because of an error that mentions an unknown technical problem on the server.


The order could not be created because of a technical problem on the server. Please try again, or contact the website administrator.

Known Causes

This error message is designed to warn the website administrator that there was a problem creating an order in the database. It will be displayed to the customer after attempting checkout when the purchase record fails to be created in the database.

There are no known circumstances when this error message is known to be displayed to a customer. It is a very exceptional problem possibly indicating a configuration problem in the database server or a connection problem between the WordPress website and the database.

This can also be related to the configuration of your MySQL server. For more information, please see this KB: MySql Strict Mode Issues


Determining the cause of the problem should start by inspecting the database setup and ensure all tables for Shopp have been created properly. Table creation details can be found in your Shopp plugin files .../wp-content/plugins/shopp/core/model/schema.sql. The most relevant table to this issue is the Purchase table. The schema statements for creating the table appear with the following code:

<?php $purchase = DatabaseObject::tablename('purchase'); ?>
DROP TABLE IF EXISTS <?php echo $purchase; ?>;
CREATE TABLE <?php echo $purchase; ?> (
    id bigint(20) unsigned NOT NULL auto_increment,

You can manually create the table by using proper MySQL CREATE TABLE syntax. Create a new text document copying the entire CREATE TABLE statement from the beginning to the ending at the first CHARSET=utf8; You will need to edit and change the <?php echo $purchased; ?> to the proper table name that uses the WordPress table prefix as defined in your wp-config.php file.

Once the table has been created, setup the Test Mode payment system to run a test order and verify that orders are now being created properly.

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Order Could Not Be Created Because of a Technical Problem on the Server
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