Payment Information for This Order is Missing


An originally free order fails when shipping costs are added after address information is collected on the checkout form.


Payment information for this order is missing.

Known Causes

When a customer begins checkout on an order with no cost (a free order) no payment information is collected. In this situation, no payment information fields are displayed to the customer. However, if the customer provides a shipping address, during checkout form processing the shipping costs are recalculated. The shipping costs are then added to the order but the customer has not provided payment information to pay for the new shipping costs.

To handle this situation, Shopp will return the customer to the checkout form and display this error message along with the payment information fields to allow the customer to provide payment information to pay for the shipping costs added to the order.


To complete the order, customers will simply need to fill in the payment details to pay for the additional shipping details added to the previously free order.

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Payment Information for This Order is Missing
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