Permalink Issue Results in 404 Error


We have been tracking an permalink issue, in some cases, where the navigating to the Shopp page will result in a 404 Error. You will be able to navigate to products specifically, however, navigating to store,account,cart,checkout,confirm order, thank you pages will result in this 404 error.


As of right now, there is no known solution for this issue. Please see troubleshooting, and feel free to bookmark this page to refer to as we will post any updates we find on this issue.


A good start would attempt the following:

  • Re-save permalink structure
  • Deactivate and reactivate the Shopp plugin
  • rename page slugs

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Please comment on this page with any information you’d like to share on this issue, including similar experiences, fixes that worked for you, etc.

Permalink Issue Results in 404 Error
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  1. I’m having the same issue. I’m basically unable to implement 1.2 on a couple of customer sites due to this issue.

    I’ve done the above mentioned troubleshooting plus rebooted my VPS.


    February 8th   #

  2. If you have seen this issue during an upgrade, it is possible rolling back your DB to a backup and reupgrading will fix the issue.

    There seems to be an unknown edge case where rewrite rules aren’t created properly.

    February 8th   #

  3. Turns out Content Types custom post type plugin was creating re-writes. Need to find another CPT plugin.

    February 10th   #

  4. I’ve encountered this problem on 2 updates to 1.2. On one I did a straight upgrade and then I attempted to rebuild the store on a new install or wordpress and shopp starting from scratch. So my only option is to use the default permalink structure.

    March 4th   #

  5. We are having the same issue on a site with 1.2.5 and would like to know if there’s a fix for this. We also tried creating a new vanilla site and catalog of 1 or 2 items… with default permalinks all is ok, pretty permalinks and we get 404’s.

    July 10th   #

  6. I was getting 404s on my product pages in Shopp 1.3.2 and the following fixed the problem:

    1. Change the site’s permalink settings, e.g. revert to default, and save the settings.
    2. Try viewing your product page — using the default settings, you should be able to view your page at where 123 is your product id (the WP post ID).
    3. Change the site’s permalink settings back to what they were. Save again.
    4. View the page again (at its friendly URL).

    It’s good to check that your rewrite rules are correct (e.g. for NGINX see, especially after upgrading or migrating a site.

    March 20th   #

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