Promotion Code is Not a Valid Code.


Applying a promotion code to an order fails because the code is not valid.


"XXXXXXX" is not a valid code.

Known Causes

The error is reported when a promotion code is submitted to apply a discount to the order. The error indicates that the code provided does not match any codes setup in Shopp promotion conditions.

It should be noted that promotions that apply to the shopping cart or to a cart item will be loaded when the shopping session starts. That means that only promotions that exist and are enabled and within a specified active date range will be loaded into the shopping session. Promotions that are created after the session is started will not be available.


If you are testing a new promotion, be sure to reset your shopping session in order to get the new promotion loaded and available in your session.

To reset your shopping session, use the following request to your website:

You will then be returned to the storefront landing page with a new session and any new available promotions loaded

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Promotion Code is Not a Valid Code.
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