Set up Shopp with WP Super Cache

WP Super Cache is a caching plugin for WordPress. It speeds up your WordPress site by caching static files that are often requested.

While caching is a good thing for your overall WordPress site, it’s not recommended for your Shopp which is a dynamic online store.

Exclude Shopp Pages

First, you’ll want to go ahead and configure WP Super Cache. Then we can add the exceptions for Shopp.

From the WordPress adminSettingsWP Super Cache. Then click on the Advanced tab.

Scroll down until you have reached the section for ‘Accepted Filenames & Rejected URIs’. Then find the following option:


Now add your Shopp WordPress pages:


Note that in this guide, we are using the default Shopp WordPress pages. If you have changed or renamed your pages (catalog, store, webshop, boutique, etc) then you’ll want to enter those.

Then click on Save Strings and clear the cache.

You’ve now set up Shopp with WP Super Cache!

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Set up Shopp with WP Super Cache
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  1. Need to add /shop/confirm-order/ to the above listing

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