Shopp 1.2/1.2.1 Upgrade leaves NaN in Product Shipping


When upgrading a Shopp installation from version 1.1.x to version 1.2 or 1.2.1 the shipping dimension settings in the product editor show values of NaN.


While editing a product in the product editor, the shipping dimension settings (weight, length, width, height) show a value of NaN instead of the numeric values prior to the upgrade. This causes real-time shipping rates to fail altogether.


The problem is caused by a bug in the Shopp upgrade script in Shopp 1.2 and 1.2.1. The upgrade script issue was fixed in the Shopp 1.2.2 release. However, any sites that were upgraded using Shopp 1.2 or Shopp 1.2.1 will continue to have the broken data causing the symptoms described above. Upgrading to Shopp 1.2.2 does not fix the systems as the fixes were to prevent upgrade problems in the future.

To correct any problem data, use the Shopp Price Settings Fixer maintenance plugin. To use it:

  • Download the file: Shopp Price Settings Fixer
  • Unzip the file and upload it to the affected WordPress/Shopp install
  • Activate the plugin. It will run the database updates, report the number of records found needing to be fixed and deactivate.
  • Remove the plugin from the WordPress install once complete.
Shopp 1.2/1.2.1 Upgrade leaves NaN in Product Shipping
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