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Although Shopp has been designed with WordPress plugin development guidelines in mind, and tries to be compatible with as many plugins as feasible, there are times when the approach other plugin authors take in their code do not work with Shopp. Usually, it is caused when other plugin authors do not follow WordPress plugin development guidelines, or have especially out-of-the-box functionality that does not fit the normal WordPress plugin paradigm.

All that really means is that most plugins work with Shopp, however, there are a few that simply don’t, and there isn’t anything that can be done in Shopp to make them compatible.

This page includes lists of all reported and known compatible and incompatible plugins. You can easily share feedback by leaving a comment.

Plugins Incompatible With Shopp

These plugins must be disabled in order to activate and use Shopp.

  • 1 Click Retweet — incompatible with 1.2.3
  • AJAX Event Calendar
  • Bad Behavior — blocks asynchronous callbacks from payment gateways
  • BackupWordPress
  • Chap Secure Login
  • CiviCRM
  • ContactMe — rewrite rule conflict
  • CRM — impacts on product editor and image URLs within the product editor in particular
  • Custom Field Template — nothing gets added to the cart
  • DP Social Feedr — colorbox / lightbox conflict
  • Easy Contact — sessions conflict
  • EmailShroud — destroys email addresses in the checkout form
  • eMember — JS conflict
  • Find Me On
  • Flash Photo Gallery
  • flShow Manager
  • FormBuilder — only when editing Shopp settings
  • Front slider
  • G-Lock Double Opt-in Manager — causes JS error in jQuery one user reported successful installation
  • GetMeCooking Recipe Template
  • GigPress
  • html on PAGES — incompatible re-writes
  • Improved Include Page
  • Mailing List by Tribulant Software — JS error
  • MiniMax – Page Layout Builder — causes a problem when managing products, the pricing info gets bonked and you’re unable to add inventory or pricing info
  • My Page Order
  • Page Link Manager — JS error
  • Post Type Switcher — causes Permalink issues
  • PXS Mail Form modified for Akismet
  • Real WYSIWYG — JS Error
  • RichTextEdit
  • SEO Ultimate — sporadic issue with pricing not loading on products
  • Simple Google Analytics Settings — class name conflict
  • SimpleFlickr — JS error
  • SimpleMap
  • Slideshow Gallery
  • Social Links — JS error
  • TDD Recent Posts — JS error
  • Tribulant Software Banner Rotator Plugin — admin JS error
  • Viper’s Video Quicktags — Issues with Visual Editor
  • WordPress Automatic Upgrade Plugin — Uses sessions
  • WordPress Firewall 2
  • WordPress Gallery Slideshow — problem when editing category settings
  • WP Customer Reviews
  • WP e-Commerce — Sessions Conflict
  • WPTouch — prevents PayPal Standard checkout
  • YAK for WordPress — Sessions Conflict
  • Yet Another Autoblogger — Interferes with admin CSS

Recommended Plugins for Shopp

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Shopp Compatibility List
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  1. Shopp Customer Register – This plugin designed for Shopp 1.1.* breaks 1.2.*, resulting in a blank admin screen (only v0.5.1 of the plugin has been tested).

    February 16th   #

  2. Redirection & Slidedeck Pro work well with Shopp 1.2.x / WP 3.3.2

    May 23rd   #

  3. For me ver 1.2.3 broke when trying to use Shopp Sitemap plugin. Anyone else?

    July 10th   #

  4. W3 Total Cache + Shopp 1.2.3 + Thesis 1.8.5 = smooth sailing at

    July 21st   #

  5. Custom Contact Forms also works just fine with the above combination.

    July 21st   #

  6. anyone with experience of affiliate royale and shopp v1.2.3

    September 5th   #

  7. 1 Click Retweet does not work with Shopp anymore since the last update.

    September 19th   #

  8. I’ve just had this problem and I can confirm that the latest version of JetPack for WordPress (JetPack version 2) is incompatible with Shopp.


    November 10th   #

  9. I’m just working on a new integration (Shopp v1.2.5) and have isolated a problem with the plugin “SEO Ultimate” (v7.5.7) by SEO Design Solutions.

    The conflict is that with the SEO plugin activated, the Pricing panel on Product Edit pages never loads. In fact, it breaks almost everything on the edit page (Admin bar, etc.), similar to what some have reported in the forums (but without a solution).

    Hope this helps.

    December 7th   #

  10. We are trying to use W3 cache w/our site. There appears to be a conflict with W3 and a jQuery slider on the home page. Anyone have any similar issues?

    January 1st   #

  11. It appears that cForms is incompatible. 🙁

    July 11th   #

  12. Adding WP DB Back Up as there appears to be a permissions conflict when you try and add a new product


    August 13th   #

  13. YouTube SimpleGallery appears to empty the cart before it gets to the checkout page.

    August 16th   #

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