Shopp Storefront product collection pages stripped in Genesis Themes


Shopp storefront pages do not render functional products listings in some Genesis themes.


When viewing the Shopp product storefront homepage or any product collection page, Shopp content appears, but is missing all HTML markup, including images and form elements rendering the catalog useless.

Single product pages display correctly.


Shopp Version: 1.2
Genesis Themes: 1.8 and more

Known Causes

Because the genesis post content function is designed primarily for ordinary post and page content, it understandably does not check for Shopp storefront content. If the Archive Content (listings of more than one post) is set to display post excerpts, then this will also effect Shopp products, forcing an undesirable product excerpt.

Solutions and Work Arounds

One of the following options may resolve this issue:

Disable Genesis Post Excerpts

  • If you are not making use of a posts archive listing, such as blog category pages, and have no use for displaying excerpted blog posts, you can disable the post excerpts setting in Genesis by logging into the WordPress admin and navigating to Genesis → Theme Settings and scroll down to the Content Archives settings. If the Display post excerpts settings is currently selected, change that to Display post content and save your settings.

This option is not feasible for some sites, where having blog archive post content appear as entire posts is undesirable.

Replace the Behavior

  • Add an action that targets Shopp storefront post content, and overrides the Genesis function. In your theme’s functions.php file, add the following code:
add_action( 'genesis_post_content', 'shopp_replace_genesis_post_content', 1 );
function shopp_replace_genesis_post_content () {
    if ( function_exists('is_shopp_page') && is_shopp_page() ) {
        remove_action( 'genesis_post_content', 'genesis_do_post_content' );

This option will force all Shopp pages to use full content, and not excepts.

Write shopp.php template

This solution requires basic HTML and PHP skills, and some knowledge of creating a theme page template. Genesis framework familiarity will also help.

Shopp will automatically use this template; It will not need to be applied to a WordPress page. You will at a minimum need to replace the genesis_post_content in the template.

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Shopp Storefront product collection pages stripped in Genesis Themes
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