SuPHP Permission Issues


suPHP can cause issues with the specialized Shopp scripts for delivering images and optimized JavaScript code.


  • Broken images appear on the site
  • No JavaScript behaviors appear to work affecting the AJAX cart, the product gallery, image zoom, switching between grid & list view, etc.

Known Causes

As of Shopp 1.1, there are at least two PHP scripts that must run indepently of the WordPress environment, requiring proper permission configurations when using PHP security extensions such as suPHP.

Many shared hosting providers use suPHP for additional protection of the entire server. With suPHP, PHP is run as a CGI under your own user/group permission level using a technology known as suexec (switch user execution) requiring less open permissions. By contrast, without suPHP, PHP runs as an Apache Module under the webserver user/group permission level.

suPHP allows for more restrictive, secure permissions and enforces system security by preventing scripts to run with to many permissions or out of a directory with too many permissions.


  • Ensure that the Shopp Image Server file shopp/core/image.php and the Shopp Script Server file shopp/core/scripts.php have permissions of no more than 755 – 644
    755 = owner: read/write/execute, group: read/execute, public: read/execute
    644 = owner: read/write, group: read, public: read
  • Also check that the directory those files run out of shopp/core has a maximum permission of 755
    755 = owner: read/write/execute, group: read/execute, public: read/execute
  • Be sure that there are no .htaccess files with php_value settings as this will cause an Internal Server Error

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