The E-mail Could Not Be Sent.


An error reporting an e-mail problem appears while attempting to reset an account password.


The e-mail could not be sent.

Known Causes

The error is reported directly to customers and will show up in the Shopp log if error logging is enabled.

The error can occur while submitting a request to reset a Shopp customer account password or while submitting a new password after getting a the recovery email.

It is reported whenever the recovery and password reset emails fail. It can indicate there is a problem on the server preventing WordPress from sending any emails. When this error occurs it is very likely that email is not working for the entire WordPress installation since Shopp uses the WordPress email functionality to send out messages.


Contact your web hosting technical support or your server administrator for help getting your WordPress install working with the server’s email system.

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The E-mail Could Not Be Sent.
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