The order cannot be processed. No shipping is available to the address you provided.


When a shipped product type is added to the shopping cart, shipping rates must be calculated or checkout is prevented in order to prevent merchants from losing money on not collecting shipping. The customer is returned to the checkout page or the confirm order page and shown the error message.


The order cannot be processed. No shipping is available to the address you provided. Please return to checkout and try again.

Known Causes

When a shipped product exists in the shopping cart, this error occurs when no shipping methods were setup to cover the target market shipping address provided by the customer. For example, when Shopp is setup to serve both the USA and Canada in the Target Markets setting under ShoppSetup and a single shipping method is setup with rates for Canada but not USA, customers providing a USA shipping address will see the shipping costs displayed as Not Available in the cart and checkout pages. Further, the final order validation process in Shopp is designed to prevent orders from proceeding for orders with shipped products that have no shipping methods that apply.

It should be noted that having no shipping costs apply is different than an order with $0 shipping costs. Setting up a shipping method that applies $0 shipping costs to a destination will satisfy the requirements of the order validation system.


The most effective solution is to setup a catch-all shipping method that includes a shipping rate (which may be $0) for All Markets. This ensures that at a minimum, some valid shipping method is configured that services all the Target Markets setup for the shop.

Alternatively, a shipping method or several shipping methods can be setup with destinations that cover all of the enabled Target Markets individually. This is more time consuming to setup, but also provides more control over all costs.

The order cannot be processed. No shipping is available to the address you provided.
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  1. You lost me. If I don’t check “Calculate Shipping”, then no shipping rates will be set or factored in.

    If I check the box to Calculate Shipping, then shipping rates are only calculated in if I purchase and install a shipping module?

    July 5th   #

  2. Shipping rates are only calculated if:

    1. A shipped product exists in the shopping cart
    2. The Calculate Shipping setting is enabled
    3. A shipping method is configured to calculate rates (any of the built-in shipping calculators or a shipping rate add-on)
    August 8th   #

  3. I think that is confusing is that with the current version, shipping is only calculated when “estimate shipping” is pressed. If customers don’t hit, it doesn’t get a zip and bypasses the shipping calculation.

    February 4th   #

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