The Shipping Address Information is Incomplete


Submitting an order fails and an error regarding incomplete shipping information is shown to the shopper.


The shipping address information is incomplete. The order cannot be processed.

Known Causes

This error occurs when a shopping cart with shipped items (physical items that need to be delivered) is submitted where the customer has not provided complete shipping address information. It is a transaction level error that is shown to the shopper indicating a real problem on the site.

It can be caused in several circumstances:

  • Customizations to the checkout.php template file can break the form preventing the shipping address fields from being able to be filled out by shoppers.
  • Third-party plugins or the active theme may cause JavaScript errors that prevent shipping fields from becoming visible when a shopper tries to disable the Same shipping address toggle. When this option is disabled, JavaScript behaviors are responsible for showing the previously hidden shipping address fields. If the JavaScript environment is broken, this behavior will no longer work.
  • Security scans looking for website vulnerabilities may attempt to submit orders with coincidentally shipped items without providing a shipping address.


Finding the cause of the problem can be tricky, especially in cases where large amounts of third-party plugins are involved. To diagnose JavaScript errors, follow the troubleshooting guidelines in the Broken JavaScript Errors article.

To determine if the source of the problem is customization in the checkout.php template used for the site, edit the current theme’s shopp/checkout.php template file and verify that shopp('checkout','shipping-address') appears in the document somewhere. If it does not, it is likely the rest of the shipping fields are not in the template, causing all shipped item orders to fail in this way.

Refer to the default checkout.php template that is built-in to Shopp and found under .../wp-content/plugins/shopp/templates/checkout.php. Again look for the shopp('checkout','shipping-address') and other shipping related tags. Copy them into the appropriate location within the theme’s shopp/checkout.php content template.

If you are unfamiliar with how to accomplish this, you may need to contact the person responsible for setting up your theme files.

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The Shipping Address Information is Incomplete
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