There Are No Items in the Cart


An error is reported either on the site (to a shopper) and/or in the Shopp log that there are no items in the cart.

Error Message

There are no items in the cart.

Known Causes

The error can appear in many circumstances including all of these known situations:

  • The checkout form was forced to submit without any items in the cart
  • A session error occurred not allowing items to be saved to the cart properly
  • Security scans can trigger the error while searching for potential checkout vulnerabilities


In some cases this error is simply a warning such as during security scans or when an individual is forcing the checkout form to submit to look for weaknesses in the website. In these cases, the message is normal and is simply reporting an instance when an order was submitted without any items.

It can be officially diagnosed as an error, a real problem, when reports from customer indicate this error is being seen by shoppers. It is important to first identify the cause of the problem if possible. In the past there have been errors reported of session problems coming from the use of third-party plugins. You can cross-reference if your website is using any of the third-party plugins listed in our Shopp Compatibility List. If one of the plugins in use on your site matches and incompatible plugin in our usual suspects list, you can try disabling the plugin to see if the problem goes away or persists. If it persists, you will need to continue looking for the problem.

Other options for determining the problem are to disable third-party plugins one at time until the problem appears to go away. The recommended procedure is to repetitively add items to the cart and reload the cart page to ensure they are still there which indicates they were saved correctly by the session. If the items disappear after reloading the cart page it indicates the session problem. Disable a third-party plugin and repeat the procedure. If the items stay in the cart after a reload, the last plugin to be disabled is the most likely culprit.

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There Are No Items in the Cart
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