There is not Enough Customer Information to Process the Order


Customers cannot submit orders and receive an error related to missing customer information.


There is not enough customer information to process the order.

Known Causes

This is a transaction error that occurs when an order is submitted during checkout without all of the proper customer details including:

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Email address

If any of those minimum customer details are missing, the shopper will be redirected back to the checkout form with this error message.

The only unintentional cause of this error would occur if customization of the checkout.php Shopp content template file removes one or more of the required customer details previously listed.


In the case of a modified checkout.php content template that is missing one of the above fields, refer to the original checkout.php template file that is included in Shopp located in the following location:


Find the relevant missing field tags and copy them to the appropriate location in your custom checkout.php template file.

A more drastic alternative is to completely remove the custom checkout.php template file and restore from the built-in Shopp content templates.

To re-install the checkout.php content template file:

  • Remove the custom checkout.php content template from the theme’s shopp/ directory.
  • Login to the WordPress Admin.
  • Navigate to ShoppSetupPresentation.
  • Click the Reinstall Missing Templates button to restore the now missing checkout.php template file.

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There is not Enough Customer Information to Process the Order
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