Transaction Failed – Could Not Achieve a Transaction Lock


A transaction error that appears during checkout causing the order to fail.


Transaction XXXXXXXXXXX failed. Could not achieve a transaction lock.

Known Causes

This error is part of the transaction locking protection system that protects orders from data updates when the payment system uses a combination of synchronous and asynchronous updates. The error reports a problem establishing the lock protection for a specific transaction. It can occur when an existing lock is already in place. The locking mechanism will make three attempts at establishing a lock before failing and reporting an error.


There are no known solutions. The error is very circumstantial and can only occur in the most extreme cases. If this error is a regular occurrence in your Shopp install and you do not have a high transaction rate, it may indicate a more serious problem with your install. In that case, it is best to contact the official support team on the Shopp Help Desk.

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Transaction Failed – Could Not Achieve a Transaction Lock
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