Transparent Images are not Rendering Correctly


When using transparent images (e.g. *.png, *.gif) in Shopp’s product’s, the images will appear fine in the admin interface. However, on the front-end, the images will appear distorted. This issue is related to bug #1754.


To fix the image distortion, you will want to manually set the sharpness of the gallery images to 0%.

In your product.php template file, find the line that contains the shopp() tag for the product gallery.

The code will look like this, and if not modified previous, will be on line 16.

<?php shopp('product','gallery','p_setting=gallery-previews&thumbsetting=gallery-thumbnails'); ?>

Add the setting for p.sharpen like this:

<?php shopp('product','gallery','p_setting=gallery-previews&thumbsetting=gallery-thumbnails&p.sharpen=none'); ?>

You can find specifics on the product gallery tag here: shopp(‘product’,’gallery’)

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Transparent Images are not Rendering Correctly
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