Troubleshooting Microsoft IIS

Internet Information Services, commonly referred to as IIS, is a web server application produced by Microsoft. WordPress as well as Shopp can be successfully deployed to an IIS server, however operation can be adversely affected by a number of  environmental factors.

The aim of this document is to catalog as many known issues as possible in terms of the symptoms, cause and remedy, wherever these are known.

Request URI problems

Symptoms: editing the Shopp settings pages is not possible, as a blank page is displayed after clicking the save or submit button.

Cause: Shopp expects the $_SERVER['REQUEST_URI'] variable, which it uses to set the form action attribute on various admin panels, to contain both the URI path and query. In some cases however the query is missing. In other words:

  • Shopp expects the variable to be something like this:
  • When installed on certain versions of IIS it is instead set to something like this:

Remedy: at an appropriate point in the code, a new line can be added to modify the value of $_SERVER['REQUEST_URI']. The URI query can be obtained using http_build_query($_GET).

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Troubleshooting Microsoft IIS
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