Updating Shopp Using WordPress Plugin Updater Fails


Attempting to update Shopp through the WordPress plugin built-in update system fails.

Known Causes

  • Using incorrect FTP login, password and host information.
  • Attempting to update with a key that appears active in the site, however is actually not actively registered to shopplugin.net.
  • The order for the key has been refunded, invalidating the Shopp support key.
  • The file transfer from shopplugin.net failed due to communication problems.
  • A connection to shopplugin.net could not be established because of network issues between the web host and the Internet, or specifically between the web hosting server and shopplugin.net.
  • The downloaded Shopp file is corrupted


Incompatible archive PCLZIP_ERR_BAD_FORMAT (-10) : Unable to find End of Central

Work Around

The easiest work around is to perform a manual upgrade by downloading the latest version of Shopp and re-uploading to your WordPress website/Shopp installation.


There are a couple of things to note before you upgrade.

  • If you’ve edited the built-in templates (which is a no-no), you will lose your changes. If you’ve setup the Shopp templates as instructed, you’re customizations are safe.
  • If you’ve made any changes to the core code of Shopp, you will lose your changes and will need to apply your changes again. Unless it was a hot fix from Shopp that was rolled into an update
  • If you’ve made any changes to official Shopp add ons you will lose your changes and will need to apply your changes again. Unless it was a hot fix from Shopp that was rolled into an update
  • If you have installed and third-party add ons, they will need backed up before upgrading as they will not be maintained by the Shopp updater
  • Your online store will be offline during the update process, plan accordingly.


Before any upgrade, it is critically important that you backup your files and database before performing the upgrade. This gives you the peace of mind that you can go back to your prior (working) setup in case an upgrade goes wrong. There are many backup solutions for WordPress websites that will handle backups for both your website files and database. We highly recommend that you look at employing a backup solution before attempting to upgrade. This is especially important for major point-release upgrades (such as 1.1 to 1.2).

Ingenesis Limited recommends using BackupBuddy from the PluginBuddy team for professional grade easy backups of your WordPress-powered website.


You can download the latest version of Shopp from either the download link in your receipt or from your Shopp Store Account Dashboard.

Upgrading Plugin Files

  • Extract the files to your desktop (or other location that is easy for you to locate them).
  • De-activate Shopp within the WordPress administration panel.
  • Move the old shopp/ install out of the .../wp-content/plugins directory into .../wp-content/ (this preserves your old Shopp plugin files).
  • Upload the new files to your host via an FTP client or how ever you transfer files to your host.
  • Once the files have finished uploading, re-activate Shopp.

If things went well, you should be up and running on the new Shopp version. If they did not, and you received an error or Shopp isn’t working correctly, contact the Shopp Help Desk and the official support team will help you out.

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Updating Shopp Using WordPress Plugin Updater Fails
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  1. You should also mention that shipping and payment addons will need to be reinstalled as well.

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