You Did Not Provide a Credit Card Number


An error that occurs at checkout when the credit card number is not provided.


You did not provide a credit card number.

Known Causes

This error occurs during the checkout form validation process that ensures all required information is gathered before processing the order. During checkout, if the credit card number is not provided the customer will be returned to the checkout form and this error will be given to the customer.

In setups using multiple payment systems, sometimes the credit card fields will be hidden. When selecting a credit card payment method, the credit card fields are designed to be displayed using Javascript. If, however, a Javascript error occurs due to interference from a third-party plugin or a problem in the theme, the credit card fields will not correctly be displayed when choosing a credit card payment method. The validation process, however, will still require that the credit card fields be completed triggering this and other credit card field validation errors.

Customizations of the checkout.php template may have removed or otherwise prevent the credit card number field from being displayed in the checkout form potentially causing this error.

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You Did Not Provide a Credit Card Number
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