You Do Not Have Sufficient Permission to Access This Page


After installing Shopp, the Shopp wp-admin pages are not accessible, giving the following error:

You do not have sufficient permission to access this page.


The most common cause for this is the access type of the account attempting to access the wp-admin pages. Changing the account type or access level should fix this issue.

Alternatively, an improperly named “shopp” plugin folder name, inside the plugins directory, may cause this iss as well.


Account Type
Changing the user access level to either Merchant, Customer Service Rep, or Administrator should fix this issue, if it is due to the account access level. Anything “lower” than one of these may cause this.

Shopp Plugin Folder Name
Make sure that the Shopp plugin folder is named “shopp”, in all lower case, and by itself. Renaming the folder to “Shopp”,”shopp1-2″, or anything other than “shopp” may also cause this issue. Rename the folder and re-activate the plugin inside the WP-Admin->Plugins screen.

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You Do Not Have Sufficient Permission to Access This Page
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