Provide real-time shipping costs for AusPost shipping add-on.

The AusPost shipping addon for Shopp provides real-time shipping rates from Australia Post using the Postage Assessment Calculator API.

This addon will calculate shipping estimates for the following Australia Post services:

  • Regular Parcel
  • Parcel Post Plus 500g Satchel
  • Parcel Post Plus 3kg Satchel
  • Parcel Post Plus 5kg Satchel
  • Express Post Parcel
  • Express Post 500g Satchel
  • Express Post 3kg Satchel
  • Express Post 5kg Satchel
  • Express Post Platinum Parcel
  • Express Post Platinum 500g Satchel
  • Express Post Platinum 3kg Satchel
  • Express Courier International Merchandise
  • Express Courier International Documents
  • Express Post International
  • Air Mail
  • Sea Mail


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