Shopp User Guide

The Shopp User Guide is a comprehensive introduction on how to use the Shopp e-commerce plugin for WordPress.

This guide is written for store owners and managers that regularly use the administration tools of Shopp to run the online storefront. You’ll find it easy to read, light on technical details, full of screen shots, step-by-step guides and helpful notes. Written by the developers of the platform so you know you’re learning from the experts. You’ll get extra insight into how things work in Shopp so that you’re sure to get the most out of it.

It is an indespensible reference and learning tool for everyday Shopp users.

Learn how to:

  • Set up new products
  • Use WordPress Menus to add products & categories to your website navigation
  • Use WordPress shortcodes to add products to blog posts
  • Set up payment systems
  • Use the shipping calculators
  • Configure taxes and so much more

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