Shopp Icons Reference Guide

Shopp includes it’s own set of commerce-centric icons that you can easily make use of in your page layouts.


Search – Shopp’s Secret Weapon

Take a peak under the hood of the incredibly advanced search engine built into Shopp.


How the Theme API Really Works – Part 3: More Context

For the third installement of this series we review the different object contexts available in Shopp.

Wine Bottles in Window

How the Theme API Really Works – Part 2: Product Collections

Part 2 of the series that teaches you how to unlock the secrets of the Shopp Theme API by mastering product collections.


How the Theme API Really Works – Part 1: The Working Object Context

Unlock the secrets of the Shopp Theme API starting with part 1 of a series that will teach you everything, taking you from beginner to master.


Auto-Capture Shipped Orders

Shipped orders in Shopp by default processed with authorization-only transactions. This quick guide will show you how to override the behavior so you can automatically authorize and capture payments for shipped orders.


Shopp Content Templates Visual Guide

We present a visual reference guide for the Shopp theme template page hierarchy available as a downloadable PDF.

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