Shopp Theme Template Page Hierarchy

We present a visual reference guide for the Shopp theme template page hierarchy available as a downloadable PDF.

Adding Shipping Carriers to Shopp

Learn how to add new shipping carriers to Shopp for use when sending shipment notices from the order management screen.

Foolproof Shopp Upgrades and Backup on Microsoft Windows

Fed up with downtime caused by upgrades of WordPress, Shopp or any of your other plug-ins. Make downtimes History.

Using the Shopp Promotions Editor

Learn how to use the Shopp Promotions editor to offer discounts in your online store.

How to Setup Shopp Content Templates

A video walkthrough on how to setup Shopp content templates.

Display your Product Categories as a Grid on the Shopp Storefront Page

Learn how to show a grid of product categories on your Shopp storefront page. This will be accomplished by editing the catalog.php content template file.

How to Install Shopp Shipping Add-ons

Shopp shipping add-ons are not WordPress plugins. They cannot be installed through the WordPress Plugins interface within the WordPress admin. Shipping add-ons for Shopp need to be added to the shipping subfolder within the Shopp plugin folder.

Learn how to install Shopp shipping add-ons with an FTP client.

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