How to Install Shopp Payment Gateway Addons

Shopp gateway add-ons are not WordPress plugins. They cannot be installed through the WordPress Plugins interface within the WordPress admin. Gateway add-ons for Shopp need to be added to the gateway subfolder within the Shopp plugin folder.

Learn how to install Shopp gateway add-ons with an FTP client.

How to Show All Products in Every Category

Some shops like to show it all: every product, from every category. Here’s a quick and easy way to approach it.

WordPress Page Navigation With Shopp Categories

Merge the wp_list_pages() list with a list of Shopp storefront categories for a seamless menu.

Forcing Grid View Styling

Some storefronts love the list, others just need the product grid. Here is a quick tip on how disable the dynamic view switcher and stick with the grid layout. The starter templates include a stylesheet that specifically targets Shopp content. In it, are premade styles for showing products in both a product list and a…

How to Adjust the Shopp Session Expiration Time

By default Shopp sessions last for 2 days. Learn how to quickly adjust this expire period.

Onsite or Offsite Payment Processing?

The Shopp e-commerce plugins offers two kinds of payment processing — on-site and off-site. In this article we’ll take a look at the similarities and differences between these two options.

Caching Shopp with WordPress Plugins

You can save site resources and speed up your WordPress site by properly setting up a caching plugin. Learn more about caching and how it relates to Shopp.

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