Shopp Icons Reference Guide

Shopp includes it’s own set of commerce-centric icons that you can easily make use of in your page layouts.

How The Theme API Really Works – Part 4: Tricks for Shopp Pros

The final installment highlights a few of the handy tricks that make the Shopp Theme API a second-to-none tool for templating e-commerce.

Search – Shopp’s Secret Weapon

Take a peak under the hood of the incredibly advanced search engine built into Shopp.

How the Theme API Really Works – Part 3: More Context

For the third installement of this series we review the different object contexts available in Shopp.

How to Load a Product with a Custom Layout

Using shopp('storefront.product') to load a product wherever you want is a really great tool in the Shopp toolbox, but it always uses the product.php content template to “show” the product. Here’s how to change that and use a custom layout.

Styling Item Options in the Cart

Keep your shopping cart looking pretty even when you have complex product variants that make the options menu too wide. This quick tip shows you had to add a CSS class you can target, and fix the width to keep it in check.

Auto-Capture Shipped Orders

Shipped orders in Shopp by default processed with authorization-only transactions. This quick guide will show you how to override the behavior so you can automatically authorize and capture payments for shipped orders.

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