Search – Shopp’s Secret Weapon

Take a peak under the hood of the incredibly advanced search engine built into Shopp.


Adding Shipping Carriers to Shopp

Learn how to add new shipping carriers to Shopp for use when sending shipment notices from the order management screen.


Clearing Checkout Address Fields and Disabling Browser Autocomplete

For Shopp sites that make use of Customer Accounts, a returning customer that logs in will have their shipping and billing address pre-populated when they reach the checkout. For customers who have not purchased before, or for Shopp sites that do not use Customer Accounts, address information can often be inserted automatically by the browser’s…

How to Limit Shipping to Certain States using the Shopp Country Zones Filter

Learn how to limit shipping to a certain state using the Shopp countries filter. This will be added to your themes functions.php file.

How to Add a New Country using the Shopp Countries Filter

Learn how to add a new country to Shopp using the Shopp countries filter. This will be added to your themes functions.php file.


Creating Your Own Theme API Tags

Shopp is designed to make it possible for programmers to implement their own Shopp Theme API “tags”, and we’re going to show you how.


How to Disable Checkout Validation

When it’s time for your customers to checkout, Shopp runs a number of different validation processes to help detect any mistakes that the customer might have made – such as entering their email address incorrectly, or forgetting to provide their name – and also to ensure that you, as the merchant, have all the information…

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