Shopp Icons Reference Guide

Shopp includes it’s own set of commerce-centric icons that you can easily make use of in your page layouts.

How The Theme API Really Works – Part 4: Tricks for Shopp Pros

The final installment highlights a few of the handy tricks that make the Shopp Theme API a second-to-none tool for templating e-commerce.

How the Theme API Really Works – Part 3: More Context

For the third installement of this series we review the different object contexts available in Shopp.

How the Theme API Really Works – Part 2: Product Collections

Part 2 of the series that teaches you how to unlock the secrets of the Shopp Theme API by mastering product collections.

How the Theme API Really Works – Part 1: The Working Object Context

Unlock the secrets of the Shopp Theme API starting with part 1 of a series that will teach you everything, taking you from beginner to master.

How to Load a Product with a Custom Layout

Using shopp('storefront.product') to load a product wherever you want is a really great tool in the Shopp toolbox, but it always uses the product.php content template to “show” the product. Here’s how to change that and use a custom layout.

Shopp Content Templates Visual Guide

We present a visual reference guide for the Shopp theme template page hierarchy available as a downloadable PDF.

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