Shopp Theme Template Page Hierarchy

We present a visual reference guide for the Shopp theme template page hierarchy available as a downloadable PDF.

Clearing Checkout Address Fields and Disabling Browser Autocomplete

For Shopp sites that make use of Customer Accounts, a returning customer that logs in will have their shipping and billing address pre-populated when they reach the checkout. For customers who have not purchased before, or for Shopp sites that do not use Customer Accounts, address information can often be inserted automatically by the browser’s…

Allow your Customers to Promote your Store on Social Media after a Purchase

Is social media currently part of your marketing mix? If so, you can use the power of word of mouth through social media to drive more sales in your online store. In this tutorial, we’ll show you how to add share links for various social media networks to your Shopp thank you page.

Cross Selling on the Shopping Cart with Related Products

Learn how to cross sell products on your Shopp cart page. This will be done by using Shopp storefront related-products.

How to Setup Shopp Content Templates

A video walkthrough on how to setup Shopp content templates.

Finding the Addon Group from the Cart Loop

Sometimes you need a way to see which add-on a user selected in addition to their selection. This tutorial will show you how to get this information easily.

Storefront CSS Classes in Shopp

A reference guide to the CSS classes used on Shopp pages, products and categories with a how-to on adding your own CSS classes.

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