Display your Product Categories as a Grid on the Shopp Storefront Page

Learn how to show a grid of product categories on your Shopp storefront page. This will be accomplished by editing the catalog.php content template file.

How to Show All Products in Every Category

Some shops like to show it all: every product, from every category. Here’s a quick and easy way to approach it.

WordPress Page Navigation With Shopp Categories

Merge the wp_list_pages() list with a list of Shopp storefront categories for a seamless menu.

Forcing Grid View Styling

Some storefronts love the list, others just need the product grid. Here is a quick tip on how disable the dynamic view switcher and stick with the grid layout. The starter templates include a stylesheet that specifically targets Shopp content. In it, are premade styles for showing products in both a product list and a…

How to Adjust the Shopp Session Expiration Time

By default Shopp sessions last for 2 days. Learn how to quickly adjust this expire period.

Show Prices With or Without Taxes

Learn how to show Shopp product pricing in your store with or without taxes. This is done by adjusting an option for Shopp product price and Shopp sale price.

Best Practices: Using Slugs instead of IDs

When it comes to giving Shopp products or categories a special treatment you’ll need to create templates that identify which store object you want to dress up. Using database IDs is straightforward, but here are some reasons why you might be better off using slugs.

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