Search – Shopp’s Secret Weapon

Take a peak under the hood of the incredibly advanced search engine built into Shopp.

How to Load a Product with a Custom Layout

Using shopp('storefront.product') to load a product wherever you want is a really great tool in the Shopp toolbox, but it always uses the product.php content template to “show” the product. Here’s how to change that and use a custom layout.

Foolproof Shopp Upgrades and Backup on Microsoft Windows

Fed up with downtime caused by upgrades of WordPress, Shopp or any of your other plug-ins. Make downtimes History.

Adding Custom Checkout Inputs

The Theme API in Shopp allows you to add arbitrary fields to collect inputs from customers during checkout.

How to Adjust the Shopp Session Expiration Time

By default Shopp sessions last for 2 days. Learn how to quickly adjust this expire period.

Creating Your Own Theme API Tags

Shopp is designed to make it possible for programmers to implement their own Shopp Theme API “tags”, and we’re going to show you how.

Overriding Tax Rates

Dealing with taxes is a constant headache in e-commerce. Take a look at how you can take complete control over the taxes charged on any order in Shopp.

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