Override Shopp’s automatic use of SSL when using an onsite payment processor.

How to Disable SSL in Shopp

How to Disable SSL in Shopp

Shopp is designed to automatically force the use of an encrypted connection (https) when you set it up to use a payment gateway that is designed to take the payment card information directly on the WordPress website. Sometimes, though, that can get in the way. Especially when you’re in development or staging the site before launch.

If you’re absolutely sure that you don’t need encrpyption protection on your website even when you have one of these onsite payment systems enabled, you can override this behavior in Shopp.

Warning: Disabling SSL on a live site that takes credit card information from customers will make the website owner and you liable for damages caused by theft of sensitive customer payment information.

To disable SSL in Shopp, edit the WordPress configuration file, wp-config.php and add the following line anywhere before the last line of the file (the require_once() line):

define('SHOPP_NOSSL', true);

For a comprehensive list of additional options that you can set in the wp-config.php file, refer to the API reference on Constants.


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