Creating Your Own Theme API Tags

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Shopp is designed to make it possible for programmers to implement their own Shopp Theme API “tags”, and we’re going to show you how.

Overriding Tax Rates

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Dealing with taxes is a constant headache in e-commerce. Take a look at how you can take complete control over the taxes charged on any order in Shopp.

Disabling Shopp Scripts

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There are times when some of Shopp’s JavaScript behaviors just get in the way of an advanced developer, and simply need to be disabled. This example will show you how to selectively remove any or all of Shopp’s built-in JavaScript used in the storefront.

How to Disable Checkout Validation

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When it’s time for your customers to checkout, Shopp runs a number of different validation processes to help…

Storefront CSS Classes in Shopp

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A reference guide to the CSS classes used on Shopp pages, products and categories with a how-to on adding your own CSS classes.

Basket Snoop

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In this tutorial, we run through the entire process of extending Shopp in the WordPress admin by writing a plugin that peaks into what shoppers are doing on your Shopp storefront.

Forcing List View Styling

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A quick how to on forcing product collection and category pages to use a list only layout.

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