Product Variations as Radio Inputs

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This example highlights the versatility of interface options you can create by using radio inputs to select a…

How to Disable SSL in Shopp

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Override Shopp’s automatic use of SSL when using an onsite payment processor.

Shopp Roles and Capabilities

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Shopp uses the powerful WordPress Roles and Capabilities model for securing and limiting user access in the Shopp…

Using Shopp AJAX Add to Cart Behaviors

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Shopp has built-in support for AJAX, but has it disabled by default for the widest possible compatibility out-of-the-box. This guide will show you how to unlock the power of AJAX in your Shopp.

Squares by Paul Hart, Glasgow, Scotland, GB

Shipping – More Art than Science

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One area of automation that isn’t quite “there yet” in the world of e-commerce automation is shipping cost estimation. We’re going to explore the complex world of shipping estimates and look specifically at how Shopp is designed to handle some of the more nuanced shipping issues.

Categorizing Product Brands

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Add dimensions to your product catalog by taking advantage of core WordPress features for custom taxonomies.

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