We present a visual reference guide for the Shopp theme template page hierarchy available as a downloadable PDF.

Shopp Theme Template Page Hierarchy

Shopp Theme Template Page Hierarchy

Shopp uses two different types of template files to give designers complete control over the storefront presentation: theme templates and content templates. A theme template file for Shopp is really a WordPress theme template file, complete with get_header() and get_footer(). A content template, on the other hand is used to display in place of the_content() inside of a theme template file.

You can think of theme template files as a layout wrapper or frame for the content displayed on any given page. Like WordPress, Shopp follows a hierarchy of what theme template file to use on a given page.


Download the Shopp Theme Template Page Reference PDF

To help you keep it all straight, and know what you can use, we’ve come up with a quick visual reference guide so you can easily find what file to use when. The templates are used left to right, with the most specific templates (on the left) used first. If those files are not found by Shopp, it works towards the templates on the right until it ends with either the WordPress theme’s page.php or index.php.

Generally, you can use the theme’s page.php template file as a starting point for any of the other Shopp template page files. Just duplicate page.php from your theme and rename it to the desired template file to begin customizing it. Easy as that!


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