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Shopp screenshots
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Shopp adds a secure cart, streamlined checkout, product showcase and infinitely flexible ecommerce development toolkit to WordPress.


Safe and sound.

Your website will be in good hands (or bytes) running on Shopp. Security in Shopp builds on the solid toolkit of WordPress to let the good guys in and keep bad guys out. We use all the tricks of the trade, plus a few ideas of our own, to protect your store and your customers.


Shields Up

Shopp is so secure it passes PCI vulnerability scans every day. We even teamed up with McAfee to score a huge discount on PCI scanning for our customers. Once you’re up and running with Shopp, we can hook you up with affordable PCI scanning for your website too.


Integrated to the Core


Shopp integrates with over 50 payment processing services, half a dozen shipping rate providers, cloud storage services, tax services and fulfillment services. You get PayPal Payments Standard, 2Checkout and an offline payment processor baked right in to the plugin so you have everything you need to start and run your online business. If you need more, check out the all the addons on the Shopp Store.


Wired for Performance

Engineered beyond the WordPress blogging architecture, Shopp goes to great lengths to deliver the best performance possible. Strategic use of custom database tables improves load performance for catalogs of thousands, hundreds of thousands or even millions of products. A summary table, for example, collects product pricing data to allow for simpler queries. Simpler queries means faster results. Faster results means a snappy website!


Full Throttle

A specialized record processor takes record data right from the database lookup and set them up into a working data model in a single pass. This reduces CPU utilization and memory consumption freeing more resources to handle more visits. More visitors means more opportunity for making sales.
Did we mention speed is now a crucial SEO metric? Yeah, it is.


Simplified, streamlined, sublime.

Run sales, add new products, update inventory, ship orders. It’s all there, and it’s easy. Shopp consistently wins accolades for it’s WordPress-like administration tools giving it the most natural management experience you’ll find in a WordPress e-commerce solution. Get in, do your thing and get on with your real life.

E-commerce software shouldn’t tell you how to manage your business. You should be able tell your e-commerce software how you manage your business. Shopp lets you do just that. Create your own order processing labels and easily move orders through each step of the process yourself or automatically.

Export orders to accounting systems like Intuit® QuickBooks®, or to spreadsheets like Microsoft® Excel®. Shopp remembers your last export date so its easy to do continuous exports.


Make it so.

Shopp is built for developers because, let’s face it, every ecommerce project is custom. A suite of APIs give you a powerful toolkit to create personalized ecommerce experiences for any business. The Shopp APIs offer a consistent, composable, unit test proven, battle hardened development platform so programmers stay in their zone of happiness. There are hundreds of theme functions and hundreds more WordPress hooks… enough to make a grown geek cry. See it for yourself and explore the full API reference.


Not too much. Not too little.

Going into battle with an ecommerce project often means theme wrangling. When it does, Shopp gives you a manageable number of starter templates to work with. You’re not boxed in by shortcode-only page drop-ins and you don’t have to cope with 100 different template parts to get your job done like other ecommerce plugins. Shopp starts with just a dozen template parts, a couple email templates and a stylesheet. Not too much, and not too little. Dynamic templates allow you to create new template parts for anything your job requires.


Your success is our success.

With our support services, you get access to the professionals. Our team of experts is your team of experts. Get questions answered. Get help troubleshooting problems. Get the inside information to make the most from WordPress and your Shopp-powered ecommerce website. Just buy a support key or priority support service and relax knowing we’ve got your back.

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